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 In 1987, Casper Colosimo & Son, Inc. contributed to the construction of the

Cross-County Fiber Optic Cable System.

The greatest challenge of this project was placing utilities across large bodies of water. To overcome this
hurdle, we purchased a company that specializes in underwater utility burial. This acquisition allowed CCSI to offer expertise in all aspects of marine construction, repair and maintenance.

For more information, please contact Ralph “Skipper” Ware at 321-258-7046 

Subaqueous Cable / Conduit Installation

  • Hydro Plow Method – up to 16’ ft of burial depth in proper soil conditions

  • Rock Saw Method – up to 4’ ft burial in rock

All this is accomplished in an environmentally approved method.

Tug Boat Rental w / Captain

  • Our 48’ twin screw model bow tugboat has 670 HP and accommodations for a qualified crew of 4.

  • Approved Subchapter M.C.O.I. (Sub Chapter M Certificate of Inspection)

  • Available for short- and long-term charter

  • Rental for Towing / marine support

Barge / Crane Rental (with Operator) Services

  • 110’ X 40’ shallow draft crane Barge with a 50-ton American crane and (2) 40’ spuds

  • Available for various types of marine support


Commercial Diving and Salvage

  • Work with Coast Guard to assist with hurricane clean-up efforts

Dredging (Clam Shell)

  • Crane with clam shell excavation from barge

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